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               I have been involved with Shetland Sheepdogs for  40  years , the very first sheltie obtained  was a bitch  named 'Charm ' , whom was purchased as a family pet when my 3 daughters were young , she was a real character and was very loved  . We even attended several shows with her (  with babies, prams and bottles , a major family event ) .

                 When moving from New Zealand to Australia to live  a few years later  in 1979 ,  a decision was made  to obtain another pet sheltie and have had Shelties ever since . By the mid 1980s we decided we might like to show again , and this time became quite serious in our endeavours . 

Some of these  earlier shelties are on my Past Dogs page .  My bloodlines today are a mix of the best of Australian, European and UK lines . UK being the Country of Orgin of this beautiful breed  .                                                                                                                                                                         

             Over the years I have  12  Home bred Champions  with the latest being Ch Charmhill Callin The Shots gaining his title in August 2018  ,  along the way I  have  bought in 4 other Shelties to compliment bloodlines  that have been titled as well .

            Showing consistantly thru the years , but with ongoing work and family committments as well it has  not  been every weekend . 

            We have had success under All-Rounder judges as well as Sheltie Specialists . 

These days I have limited showing .

I have been involved for many years with the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Victoria in various positions , at present having the honour of being President . Please see the Links page for the link to the SSCV .  



               I strive to breed that lovely sweet expression that is so alluring in a Sheltie , bitches to look feminine and dogs to look masculine , with overall balance ,  grace and elegance  , effortless  movement  and temperment . There are many things to look at when breeding   , planning litters and / or selecting pups  . Each litter is hopefully bringing in or correcting some trait that is needed .

             The one thing that is paramount to me when selecting puppies is  instant appeal of  true  UK Sheltie breed type ,  having that beautiful sweet almond eye , with  natural ears  , correct head planes that complete the look .       I have to like what I see when I look at my shelties run and play in my yard  . Plus good Conformation  covering the ground effortlessly when moving , Outgoing Temperment   ,  finishing with  overall balance  ,  having  that lovely reach of neck the Sheltie  standard calls for .  My pet hate is a stuffy looking sheltie . 

           A Sheltie doesnt have to be a showing fool (  which helps in the show ring for sure !  ) but it needs to be one of Quality .

              With the new Techology of DNA testing these days , breeding has stepped up a notch in what we must test for  and part of this means we  have more tools to guide us  to help breed a  healthy puppy .  

             When the  DNA testing came into play  only about 16 years ago  , it has been  my good fortune  to have had bred 9 Shelties ( see below) with results of  Genetically Clear CEA/Ch , MDR1, VW111  and now DM  ,  my  puppies  retained have the latest DNA tests as youngsters  with  full profiles done  .


Ch Charmhill By Chaser ( owned By Kay Sullivan) ,

Au/ NZ Ch Charmhill Noahs Crusade ROMA    owned by myself

Charmhill Casino Royale deceased ( owned by Harradei Kennels ) ,

Charmhill Christabelle retired (owned by Kay Sullivan , Limbunya Kennels) ,  

Ch Charmhill Jacques Cartier  (owned by Nicole Pearson ,Hartly Kennels)  

Charmhill Carlotta Now retired   

Charmhill Cherished Moments . Now Deceased  

Charmhill Ci Cenorita owned by Jeanette Kania 

Charmhill Command Performance Now retired .


                   I,m proud of this achievement .  But have the realistic view that one must look at a lot more than just good DNA and Eye  status , good DNA is just the icing on the cake . True UK  Breed Type is Paramount   as that is from the Country of Orgin ,  Conformation  as is also a healthy happy sheltie .

                Based in the beauitful city of  Melbourne , which is a large City  on the East Coast in Victoria  Australia, Voted  most Liveable City in the world for 7th year in a row in 2017  , to 2nd in 2019 and has a population of approx 5 million people .

              I live on a normal sized house block these days after previously being on acreage , so numbers are kept low. The dogs still enjoy all the romping  and playing around the garden , free run on the grass  and chasing the birds when they can . 



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Christine Klempel
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 9743 4404
Email : [email protected]