Charmhill Shetland Sheepdogs

Ch Charmhill Cottage Rose

Rose .

w. 24/04/2020 .

Sire .Ch Hortonpark Simply The Joker .

Dam . Ch Hartly Jewel Of Fire .








3 years 





8 months 



10 weeks 



Rose is pretty girl with dark almond eye , correct head planes  ,even though not a big girl she has good  bone and substance , she certinally is full of attitude  . 

Rose's pedigree is an asset  as she  is  line bred going back several generations to lines I admire of  Shelteam, Nigma  and Rannerdale lines  .

Rose has been with  Judy Docksey of Beauideal Kennels for the last 18 months  where she gained her title with ease  and is now back home  and settled in playing  with her sister Celeste .

I,m indebted to Judy for having the foresight to see Roses potential  when she was 7 mths old . 

I wish  Judy good luck with Rose's  daughter Beauideal Fancy Free  .


Ophthalmologist Eye Cea Tested (Mild ) Affected 

Ophthalmologist Eye Coloboma Tested ( Normal ) Unaffected .

DNA Results 

MDR1 Ivermectin Sensetivity       Genetically Clear by Parentage .

 Degenerative Myelopathy            Genetically Clear by Parentage .

Von Willerbrands Disease type 3  Genetically Clear  by Parentage


Hips 2/2 




Pedigree for Charmhill Cottage Rose

Sire : Ch Hortonpark Simply The Joker .

CEA Carrier  , Gen Clear MDR1, DM, VW3

S: Multi Ch shelteam Teddy Bear imp Swe S: Multi Ch Sheldon Space Joke
D: Shelteam Savannah
D: Louanda Simply Stylish S: Gr Ch Rannerdale The Wizard Of Oz imp UK
D: Ch Louanda Simply The Best

Dam : Ch Hartly Jewel Of Fire

CEA Carrier ,Gen Clear MDR1,, DM, VW3

S: Ch Charmhill Jacques Cartier

 Gen Clear CEA,MDR1,DM,VW3

S: Ch Charmhill By Chaser

 Gen Clear CEA , Carrier MDRI

D: Shelbronze Image Marker

Cea Carrier  Gen Clear MDR1

D: Ch Hartly Ima Sweet Talker

CEA  Carrier  , Gen Clear MDR1, DM ,VW3

S: Sup Ch Lyndream Strickly Speaking
D: Hartly Causing Attention

Contact Details

Christine Klempel
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 03 9743 4404
Email : [email protected]