Charmhill Shetland Sheepdogs

Hillswick Purfect Prudence


' Pru '

Sire .  Hillswick Fire Blaze

Dam .  Hillswick Dream Diva .














Photos at 3 months ,5 1/2 months  and 21 months .

I,m indebted to Carole Wylie of Hillswick kennel entrusting  'Pru' to me . Pru is a line bred girl with  UK lines going back to Shelridge . 
Not a glamour girl but she has some qualities I admire  ,  although sparsly coated she has an attitude and elegance about her . She is a plain girl measuring in at 14 3/4  inches upon maturity  . Pru has an outgoing  temperament , loves to go to anyone  for a pat  . 

Photos at 3 1/2 months  ,5  months and 21 months  

Ophthalmologist Eye CEA tested (Normal) Unaffected 
Ophthalmologist Eye Coloboma tested (Normal) Unaffected 

                                                                                       DNA results  


                                                                                  Carrier CEA/CH

                                                                 Carrier   MDRI  ( Multi Drug Resistence  )

                                                          Genetically Clear   DM  ( Degenerative Myelopathy ) 

                                                          Genetically Clear   VW3  ( Von Willerbrands Disease type 3 ) 

Sire : Hillswick Fire Blaze.

(Carrier CEA  . MDR1 Affected  )

S: Hillswick Cesare Borgia.

Carrier CEA

S: Ch Hillswick Ace Of Diamonds
D: Hillswick Delightful Sorceress
D: Hillswick Sweet Enchantment

S: Ch Hillswick Jack Of Diamonds AI  

Cea Carrier

D: Hillswick Sweet Enchantress

Dam : Hillswick Diamond Diva .

(Carrier CEA  .Gen Clear MDR1, DM ,VW3.)

S: Ch Hiilswick Ace Of Diamonds AI

S: Eng Ch Caurniehill Canaletto At Shelridge

(Cea unaffected )

D: Hillswick ChattyBangBang

D: Hillswick Orions Delight.

(Gen Clear CEA , MDR1, VW3 )

S: Int Ch Limbunya Orion exp Swe.

Gen Clear CEA, MDR1,VW3

D: Hillswick Cherry Delight .



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