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Victorian Govt P.E.R. number is RB 102328




 Puppy Enquires must  be submitted on the Puppy Application page with all questions answered , not  via  a phone call .


No Agent Enquires Please , I do not export to Asia or Overseas 





  Charmhill is a  Small Kennel based in Melbourne Australia , Shelties have been a life time friend to me and I cant image life without one of these lovely dogs in it . I have had a Sheltie in my life since 1975 . 
Shetland Sheepdogs are the most endearing breed . They are so Loyal , Affectionate ,  Intelligent , Loving and  always eager to please . Great with Children and very good  as guard dogs  as they are natural defenders letting you know when something is amiss  .
Being  a medium sized  dog they dont require a great deal of space to excerise themselves , they  can be a indoor or outdoor dog or both .  
Shelties  have been classified as the  6th most intelligent breed among all dog breeds  and dont they know it ?? ,  they do very well in obedience . 
I   average  one or maybe two  litters a year these days  . I only breed for myself when needing  something for the Show Ring ,  however there are occasionally  pet puppies available  to  forever homes  as a much loved pet . These  puppies will be registered on Limited Register with the Victorian Canine Association which is the approved  State body  under  national ANKC  body for Pure Breed registered Breeders in Australia  .  
Shelties are  quite a healthy robust breed  as they were breed to herd Sheep all day  . I  started DNA testing over 16 years ago  to keep up with  modern technology and to ensure I am breeding with the best that I can . 





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P.E.R number RB102328




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